The current healthcare system is very different from that of 10 years ago. There have been massive improvements in healthcare technology which has led to the demand for world-class healthcare services globally. As much as healthcare facilities have the ability to offer quality services they always have administrative challenges. CsMena of a BPO service provider offering customized solutions to the healthcare industry helping them with customer relations and administrative challenges. As a leading healthcare business in Jordan, our healthcare BPO services and healthcare support will help your business have a competitive advantage. Our help in the administrative services helps you concentrate on the core services of the business which is offering quality healthcare.


Our healthcare BPO services includes:

  • • Billing and collection.
  • • Management of medical records.
  • • Reaching out to scheduled appointments.
  • • Arranging for schedules between doctors and patients.
  • • Data entry.
  • • Processing of claims.
  • • Managing accounts receivables.
  • • Payment posting.


Choosing to do business with CsMena is the best thing that can happen to your business because we will be available right from the admission of patients to the management of reports to the processing of claims, to management of payments. We bring transparency and efficiency to your business. We help your business reduce administrative costs while improving the satisfaction of patients and their families. We are a strong team of over 200 people who work 24/7 to ensure the flow of work and timely delivery of services.


So what benefits do you get when you hire CsMena?

  • • Streamlined workflow.
  • • Reduced administrative costs.
  • • You free up the workforce to give you time to concentrate on the main tasks.
  • • 24/7 client support.
  • • Better customer relations and therefore better reputation.
  • • Better customer retention rate.
  • • Proper technical support.