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Inbound call center Services

Inbound Call

CsMena is one of the leading and most equipped inbound call center service providers in Jordan. We clearly understand that our growth depends on the growth of our clients and therefore we lay focus on the goals of our clients. Helping our clients achieve their goals automatically pushes us to higher heights. Companies face different needs and we strive to ensure such needs are sorted with perfection. We offer a huge range of inbound call center services with most of the services being customizable to meet your needs. The inbound call center services include:

Customer Service

For you to term your business as a successful business, you must have concentrated on three areas in customer relations which include customer acquisition, customer care, and customer growth. CsMena helps you track your customer buying trends and current market trends, therefore, helping you increase your customer reach which leads to increased sales.

Inquiry Handling

Inquiry handling is probably the most popular inbound call center solutions. At CsMena we handle all your customer's inquiries in a professional, time-efficient, and responsible manner to ensure that the customer is happy with your company. We offer services in different languages. Be assured that CsMena is the best choice for you if you intend to offer your services to several regions.

Answering Services

Many businesses opt for the answering call service since answering agents are known to offer quality services. We offer call answering services for businesses from all sectors. Our trained staff are customer friendly and ensure that the messages are conveyed to you on time. Helpdesk – We offer custom help desk solutions to ensure that your customer’s problems are handled well and in an effective manner.

Order Taking

Businesses have gone digital and these days orders are either taken through calls or online. We ensure that all orders by customers are well recorded and the orders passed to you for timely processing. We also follow-up to ensure that customers get exactly what they ordered for. We work perfectly for small, medium, and large companies. Our experience helps us understand the needs of all companies and therefore, we have designed our services to improve your inbound problems. Contact CsMena today and learn more about our inbound call center solutions.

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