We at CsMena take pride in helping restaurants (or any type of food establishments) take their business to the next level. Restaurants are facing rapidly increasing labor costs and seeing an increase in employee turnover. CsMena has been created over the past couple of years and is changing the way phone orders are handled. CsMena streamlines all and every phone order for restaurants so that their employees on-site can focus on delivering a great guest experience to the guests inside their restaurants. This is eliminating the need for a fulltime phone-ordering role inside the restaurant and typically saves the restaurant 30-50% on costs compared to hiring for this role internally. Another benefit restaurant is seeing is a dramatic increase in throughput through partnering with CsMena call center. The way this is possible is because when you partner with CsMena you get a team of trained reps who are ready and able to handle catering or call-in orders at any time. Essentially long hold times are being eliminated because if multiple callers call into a restaurant at the same time there are multiple agents ready to handle those calls.


And here is what we offer:

  • • Fully available resources to handle the expected traffic, fully available resources to handle the expected traffic.
  • • Reporting tools: All reports available with customized reports.
  • • Dashboard for live monitoring.
  • • Automatic update items: The system is able to update the items directly (Stop ordering unavailable items, change price, add or remove items, one-time promotions … etc).
  • • CRM: Customer relation management (logs for all old orders, addresses …. etc).
  • • Remarks: The agent can add a remark “Note” depending on customer requirements.
  • • Hope list: System can provide you with customer wishes to fulfill in the future in the Menu or for the services.
  • • Schedule order: The customer can request the order and ask for the delivery in a specific time and date.
  • • SMS order tracking: System will send the status for the order (preparing order, pick up the order)
  • • After-sales feedback: System will send SMS or call to get the feedback from the Customer at the next day after receiving the orders from the customer side, and this will be available depending on customer requirements.
  • • Complaints management: Any complaints received from customers will be logged and sent to you directly through the system with the call recording for this complaint, also we can contact the restaurant hotline for the emergency cases.
  • • Credit card payment: Credit card payment is available in the system with a secured channel.
  • • Order status analysis: Statistic report for the order status to know the spent duration for each one of it “Accepted, preparing, Canceled and received”
  • • IVR: Interactive voice response available, and this feature will be implemented depending on customer requirements
  • • Blacklisted: The system is able to flag any customer under blacklisted depending on the restaurant’s internal policy.
  • • Special offers: “Special promotion for new items, discount, events…” can be modified directly on the system.
  • • Supervisors and team leaders are available 24/7 for any support and monitoring for agent or restaurant.
  • • Link order with delivery company.
  • • Basic delivery tracking.