Qualities of a good call center supervisors

Qualities of a good call center supervisors

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  • May 27

Call centers are known to work 24/7 to ensure that there is a healthy relationship between a company and its current and future customers. Every business wants to have the best relationship with its customers. To ensure that there is a flow of service and full-time customer support businesses opt to outsource its call center services. Businesses know that missing one call from a customer means loss of business. Outsourcing your business is however a different experience since call center companies whether inbound call centers or outbound call centers concentrate on that task alone.


Outsourcing your business is however a different experience since call center companies whether inbound call centers or outbound call centers concentrate on that task alone. This gives the parent company an easy time to concentrate on its core activities. For the call center companies to work effectively they need the right workforce. This is because handling a huge number of calls on a daily basis requires a lot of energy, skills, and time. This is why it’s very important for the call center team to have the right supervisor. A supervisor does all the decision making and ensures that the call centers are functioning effectively. With the right supervisor, the teams work in a motivated manner, and productivity is achieved. Apart from the academic qualification the character of the supervisor can determine the performance of the agents. In this topic, we are going to look at the qualities of a supervisor for effective performance.

Leadership capabilities

To start a call center supervisor should be a leader and behave as one. He/she should act as a driving force for the agents to be motivated. The supervisor must inspire employees and give them a good working environment. He/she should be able to lead by example and remain a leader, not a boss.

Continued desire to improve

A good supervisor never gets comfortable with what he/she has. They work hard to ensure that their services improve regularly. The supervisor clearly understands that their actions determine the clientele of the companies that have hired them. Improvement does not only mean adding new technology.

It includes ensuring that the agents understand the current trends in the market and what is required of them each time. Therefore agents are taken through regular training sessions to ensure that their productivity goes up. Through improvement stagnation of work is avoided and productivity is improved.


To be able to handle a huge number of calls, inquiries, complaints, and orders, a supervisor needs to be both disciplined and organized. An organized supervisor helps the agents to work on a pre-planned schedule.

Managing many tasks at the same time requires schedules to avoid skipping important tasks. When work is planned mistakes and errors are prevented.

Easy to work with and approachable

There are times when agents have a very hard time and are faced with serious issues. Some of them are solvable but others are beyond their control. They, therefore, need someone who they can easily approach and communicate with during such times in order to get quick solutions.

When a supervisor has a helping hand and is easy going, agents find it easy to approach him/her. A good supervisor understands that agents need not work with anxiousness and therefore make the working environment good and easy for the agents. A supervisor should always listen to agents and give them solutions during hard times.

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