A complete guide to outsourcing tasks

A complete guide to outsourcing tasks

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  • May 26

A complete guide to outsourcing tasks for startups Startups are coming up every day but very few of them survive. Startups fail for many reasons. Some come up with products that people are not willing to buy, some overprice their services, and some do not know how to engage customers while others simply have an uncertain business objective. However, the main reason why most businesses fail is poor management which is mainly caused by the lack of expertise in attracting customers and customer retention.


If every business could do everything on their own then huge companies such as Microsoft and Samsung would not be outsourcing some of their services. If as a startup you want to do all things on your own you are going to fail because you lack the expertise, funding, and enough labor.

Why should startups outsource?

Startups are made up of small teams which include important employees and the founders. In some cases, some only have the founders. Since these companies are starting, they worry a lot about expenses and costs. This leads them to hire very few people to manage a lot. As a result, the workload becomes too much and at times even unmanageable. If the work is too much for an employee they will do it hurriedly to beat deadlines without minding the quality of the work. In addition, too much work will lead to delayed services or deliveries and this is one huge factor in losing loyal employees. This will highly affect the reputation of your brand. More to that startups do not have a lot of available capital. Finding a way to reduce operational costs and huge expenses can help these companies to lay a stronger foundation to grow. Small companies and medium-sized companies that opt to outsource have a better chance of expansion. Businesses outsource to have specialized services in certain areas. Most of the business is liking the idea of outsourcing for their administrative processes. Outsourcing helps your business process to be done by experienced people in specific fields. You must understand that when you ask your employees to perform tasks they are not specialized in, they are going to compromise the quality of the services. Outsourcing businesses will help you reduce the costs of hiring a lot of staff and at the same time get all the specialized services you are looking for. It also helps you to concentrate on the core functions of the company.

So as a startup which services should you outsource?

  • 1. Bookkeeping services

    Most small businesses and new businesses do not need a full-time accountant to address their accounting and finance needs. When you outsource your accounting services you get your tasks done on time and you save a lot of money. Currently, a huge number of small businesses opt to outsource their accounting functions to reduce the costs of hiring a lot of staff whom they may not have enough resources to pay.

  • 2. Data entry

    Data entry especially when handling a huge amount of data is one of the processes that is easily outsourced. For your data to be handled well you need experienced data entry professionals to effectively enter, sort, and analyze your data. During this era of huge data, it is important to have your data well managed whether it’s manual or automated. Outsourcing data entry gives you an easy time to focus on other things as your data is being handled by the outsourced company.

  • 3. Human resources

    Startups don’t succeed unless they are prepared to grow. As mentioned above poor management is the biggest cause of failure among new companies. To avoid poor management you need to recruit the right staff. However, getting the top talent and the right staff for your company is also not easy. When you outsource HR services the outsourced company ensures that you get the right staff for the specific duties. In addition, the companies also offer training to the new staff ensuring that people are well equipped before joining your team.

  • 4. Customer service

    In current times, customer service is more than just voice calls. At the time customers communicate through different channels such as emails, live chats, messenger, social media, and many other digital channels. Customers expect to reach you in every available means of communication. This makes it hard for companies to keep up with the changing technology. To be able to satisfy your customers the best way is to outsource your customer services. Many companies have specialization in customer service giving you an easy time to process orders and dispatch the ordered goods.

  • 5. Digital marketing

    Building your business cannot happen overnight. Marketing has to be part of your functions for you to ensure that your potential clients know about your business. Many startups never realize how hard it is to manage digital marketing. They start and then give up halfway because of the time, expertise, and resources required for digital marketing to be successful. People think that digital marketing is simply posting on social media about the services offered by your company. Digital marketing involves a lot of content creation, ensuring that you rank better on SEO, a lot of online PR, paid ads, and general social media marketing. Managing all these activities requires a lot of time and staff especially for content creation. Opting to outsource digital marketing services assures you quality as well as saves you money and time. Some companies specialize in digital marketing ensuring that your brand is out there and performing well.


Before you decide to outsource services ensure that you know the services you want to outsource and why you want to outsource them. After knowing the services you want to outsource choose a well reputable company that is specialized in the services you are outsourcing.

Never settle for a company simply because it either cheap or it’s owned by a friend or a family member. The company you outsource will determine your level of growth.

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