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Outbound Call Center Solutions

Outbound Call Center Solutions

Other than inbound services, CsMena also offers many outbound call center services. We offer a combination of technology, experience, and infrastructure to effectively manage different types of outbound call center services in Jordan. Our high-quality services help you achieve your business goals by reaching your current and potential customers effectively. Our ability to work closely with all clients has made us their company to beat in the BPO industry. Our Outbound call center services includes:

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting requires very good management and that is why most companies opt to outsource it. Appointment services offered by CsMena include management of schedules, office reservations, general appointments, dinner reservations, seminars, and all special events that your company may require.

Cross-Selling & Upselling

The world has become a global market and this has increased competition. To ensure that our clients remain up there, we offer cross-selling & upselling services to give them a competitive edge helping them increase their profits.

Market Research

Businesses no longer look for customers blindly. Through our market research section, we provide you with all the information about customer buying patterns, competitors, market trends, and areas where you can improve to have a competitive advantage. We give you detailed and articulate information to help you make better decisions.

Product Promotion

Our product promotion campaigns include encouraging, informing, and reminding your current or future customers about your products or services. Our promotion services are well supported through our extensive teleservices

Telemarketing Services

CsMena is well equipped with the right telemarketing equipment to help your companies grow in the right manner. Our telemarketing experience has seen us deliver for both national and international companies helping them meet their business targets. With the current high competition, it is important to provide quality services to your customers to make them remain loyal as you look for others. CsMena ensures that your customers are well communicated to and their needs sorted on time. Join the CsMena community and grow with others eliminating customer communication problems and concentrating on other important activities. Contact our team today and learn more about our outbound services.

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