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CsMena is a professional company specializing in the provision of communication management services and solutions in Jordan. Since our incorporation in 2018, we have offered outstanding outsourcing services at the highest level in the industry. Our call center offers the highest standards for incoming and outgoing calls. We have also made massive investments in staff training to ensure that our clients get the best service. We clearly understand that outsourcing business only succeeds when the service provider works hand in hand with the client and therefore we value our partnership with clients. We offer business process outsourcing and call center outsourcing services in the Gulf Countries, Middle East, and Europe. All these services are made possible by our able team of professionals who are diversified and flexible enough to deal with a wide range of clients. Our clients involve startups, small-sized, medium-sized, and large-sized businesses mainly in E-commerce, healthcare, telecommunications, and the hospitality industries. We deliver our call center services through different communication channels which include e-mail, chat, phones, web, and social media. Our quality service has seen us acquire numerous referrals, new clients, and retain our current clients.

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King Abdullah The 2nd St. Building No. 181, Beside Khalda Circle, Amman – Jordan

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Contact Center Management

Inbound and outbound calls

CsMena is one of the leading and most equipped call center service providers in the region. We strive to ensure that our partner’s needs are sorted with perfection.We offer a huge range of call center services with most of the services being customizable to meet your business needs by applying a combination of technology, experience, and infrastructure to effectively manage different types of call center services.Our high-quality services help you achieve your business goals by reaching your current and potential customers effectively and creating for them a convenient memorable customer experience.

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Chat support & Email Services

With the current trends in the world, customers options when interacting with any business are either to call, send emails, or live chat online.Without the right infrastructure, you may end up missing some of the orders or customer inquiries.This is because most companies do not have the time, resources, and workforce to manage most of the modern customer communication means. This is the reason why most companies choose to outsource chat support and email support to well-established providers.Being a leading BPO service provider, we offer the best email and chat support services.

Frequently asked questions

What is the role of a contact center?

On a daily basis, contact center management is a job duty in business management. CsMena handles this type of operation since it has one of the region’s most equipped and leading call center service providers. We strive to ensure that our partners needs are met perfectly by providing high-quality services that assist you in achieving your goals by effectively reaching your current and potential customers and creating a convenient and memorable customer experience for them.

What are the various types of call centers?

Inbound and outbound calls are the most common types of call centers, which CsMena provides in addition to chat support and email services. We offer a wide range of call center services, with the majority of them being customizable to meet your company’s needs for managing various types of call center services efficiently. Furthermore, we can interact with any business by calling, sending emails, or live chatting online, depending on the customer’s preferences.

What infrastructure is required for a call center?

A contact center infrastructure is a framework made up of the physical and virtual resources required for a call center facility to function properly. CsMena manages your business using a combination of technology and experience that comes along with the current trends in the world. As a leading BPO service provider, we have the time, resources, and workforce to handle the majority of modern customer communication means.